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  • My Old Kentucky Home


    In honor of the bluegrass state- which has more barrels of bourbon than people, we give you this bourbon, pecan pie flavored blend. This one is a special breed, offering southern style roasted pecans with creamy vanilla and a hint of bourbon. Not just for Derby Day.

  • Call to Post


    When your personal bugle sounds off in the morning this Columbian roast is an excellent choice- a smooth, balanced dark brew that will get you to the starting gate.

  • The Spa


    When at the track in Saratoga a good rule of thumb is to bet the shippers on the turf.  So here’s a tip; you’re going to love this French Vanilla flavor with an incredible aroma and rich smooth vanilla taste.  It’s a winner.

  • Travers


    Celebrate the mid-summer Derby with this timeless mocha java.  A prestigious coffee, it’s one of the world’s oldest and richest blends.  The aroma is sweet and gingery, the acidity gentle.  The essence is delicate, but delectable, settling toward chocolate as the cup cools.

  • Jim Dandy


    No 100-1 upset here.  This will become one of your favorites. Jamaican inspired, this is an island blend of caramel, vanilla, and a twist of the tropics.  It has an intoxicating aroma and a pleasurable taste.  It’s no longshot- you’ll find yourself in java paradise with this one.

  • Top of the Stretch


    Getting ready to win the day?  Put yourself in good position with this Tanzanian bean that’s grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and packed with a pleasing taste that’s rich and mellow, with delicate acidity.  Turn for home with this delicious medley that hints of black tea, grapefruit and papaya.

  • The Whitney


    As classy as the name implies, this morning blend unites three of our most popular Central and South American beans, which makes for a mellow, yet compelling coffee experience. And just like Marylou, it’s never bitter, always smooth.

  • Winner’s Circle


    You’ll want to get your picture taken with this salty caramel java that gives you a ten furlong taste of sweet creamy caramel mixed with a hint of salt.  Hold your cup high with this melt-in-your-mouth decadent flavor.

  • Finish Line


    Cross the wire first with this winning flavor of blueberry cinnamon crumble.  You’ll be riding high in the saddle with the taste of fresh blueberry pie with a warm cinnamon background.